FAQ: The biggest mistake we see with new wall graphics

We see this all the time with wall graphics where everyone’s left it to the last minute.

You need to paint the walls ideally seven-to-ten days before it gets installed.

When I do site inspections the day before installation, I often see the walls still getting painted. 

The problem with that it could be the wrong paint. If it has any Teflon or silicon, it might be difficult for the graphic to stick to the wall.

You also need to have the paint not just dried, but cured, which is normally a two-week process. If you don’t let the paint cure, your prints won’t stick to the wall.

The vinyl we use means that we can shorten the time to about three-four days after the wall is painted, as a premium vinyl will stick to paints that aren’t 100% cured.

In a perfect world, waiting for a minimum of one week is certainly ideal.

Wash and wear is the enemy of digital graphics, so we ensure our clients adhere to guidelines around painting the walls so as to avoid problems during installation.

Make sure you give whoever is doing the painting the right information around what kind of paint needs to be used, as well as how long before the prints go up the painting needs to be done to allow for curing.

You might save a heap of time and money in the long-run.