The health and safety signs your business needs to bring customers back

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we do just about everything.

Even as the lockdown begins to come to an end, social distancing and pandemic-era hygiene practices are here to stay and for a good reason.

 As we’ve come to find out during these last few months, social distancing and proper hygiene have saved lives.

We want to make sure businesses are contributing to a healthier society both now and in the months to come. That’s why we’ve created a COVID signage pack.

The pack includes floor decals, door decals, counter cards with hand sanitizer, and purpose-built safety signs that can be customised to suit your brand.

Whether you’re a factory, office or retail outlet, it’s got everything you’ll need so you can make sure your clients and staff are as safe as possible while they’re on your premises.

Communication is critical; everyone must be aware of what they need to do to ensure a safe workplace.

We’re here to help your business get the word out and thrive while making health and hygiene the number one priority.

Many businesses rushed to put signs up as restrictions became enforced, but we know how important the right branding is on any store display. So if you’d like to move your brand with the times, contact us about your very own COVID signage pack today, or request a pack.