Sexyland – Bringing Sexy Back to Traditional Advertising

Sexyland is a retail adult store some may feel uncomfortable visiting, even if they were interested in the products.

When the store had to close due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, it went completely online. 

However, it promoted itself the old-fashioned way! 

We put together billboards advertising Sexyland’s online store, designed to get the attention of those out for essential reasons.

Their target audience was in-part the growing number of couples that have had severe strain put on their relationship by the prolonged lockdown. With every week feeling like a repeat of the last and no clear end in sight, they were crying out for something – anything – to bring the spice back. 

Sexyland’s advertising was a case of ‘right time, right place ’ for frustrated couples.

And this strategy worked, leading to a resulting spike in online sales, the bulk of which was from new customers. 

They might have even saved some marriages too!

The lesson: Understand your customer’s frustrations and what they’re going through right now, and pivot your offering to help meet their needs.